The Virtual Reality Headset

You know you're witnessing bleeding edge technology when you get to play with a prototype held together with duct tape. And that's exactly what I got to do when the mad geniuses behind the Oculus Rift let me take their virtual reality headset for a spin in with 2K games' Doom 3: BFG Edition at PAX 2012.

My brief presentation was led by none other than Nate Mitchell, the VP of Oculus Rift Product, and Palmer Luckey, the young and energetic genius-wizard-inventor of the Oculus Rift device.

The current '3rd generation prototype' I was shown was surprisingly light, largely because this version of the prototype connects to an external control module.

According to Mitchell, this design-an external control sol republic tracks hd module to which the headset will connect-is probably how the final product will work. Putting all the processing power of the Oculus in an external control module makes it easier to keep the headset lighter and more comfortable.

The prototype I wore was equal in weight to (or even a little less than) an average pair of ski goggles-and despite its boxy, bulky 'alpha' appearance it was actually light and reasonably comfortable.

Bleeding edge, cutting questions

But aside from the fundamental design of the 3rd generation Oculus Rift, nothing else has been finalized. Still unanswered are questions such as whether or not surround audio will be part of the headset, and what the final size, weight, resolution, and price will be for the device.

The current prototype shown at PAX 2012 used a 1280x800 (640x800 per eye) resolution, but Oculus is looking to increase that.

"Everything is still on the table," Mitchell explains.

I also asked if a console version would be available. "We want to work with those guys, but not yet," Mitchell tells me. "We're doing PC first because it's an open platform."

The Oculus SDK has been made available to developers because to work with the Oculus a game will need to be coded to support it. Mitchell estimates the process of implementing support for the Oculus in a game would only take a couple weeks.

My Oculus experience

There's no doubt about it-using the Oculus is a pretty amazing experience, and proof that the technology not only works but offers a truly enhanced experience. The first thing I did when I played the Oculus-enabled version of Doom 3: BFG Edition was simply crane my head around and look over my shoulder for monsters. Seeing nothing, I opened the door in front of me, and set about to killing stuff.

I was still using a game controller for weapon switching, movement, and to occasionally help aim when I needed to look or turn a sharp sol republic headphones corner-movements my neck alone couldn't quite accommodate. I couldn't help but wonder what the more vertically oriented Tribes Ascend would be like-or even a classic PC game like Roller Coaster Tycoon 2, where you could make (and ride) your own roller coasters.

The only down side for me was that the headset made me feel a bit woozy or hung over during my time in it. This surprised me quite frankly-I've never experienced similar feelings playing FPS games (or any others). Mitchell explained that a small percentage of people experience a sort of 'hangover effect' in the Oculus, but that it might also be eliminated or dampened if the headset were calibrated to every user. (Unfortunately, we didn't have time to calibrate the Oculus because there were just too many people wanting to experience it.)

There is no denying, however, that the Oculus delivers an awesome experience. As it is refined, lightened, and streamlined-and as technical details are slowly pinned down-it looks like the Oculus the only trick left after the technical wizardry is complete will be the marketing wizardry. Will Oculus be able to garner enough developer support to create a library of 'Oculus ready' games-and will the Oculus be affordable?

Only time will tell if the Oculus Rift will find an audience, but I'm cautiously optimistic this young, energetic company and its cadre of youthful mad scientists can pull it off. And clearly, I'm not the only who thinks so-the Kickstarter Campaign for the Rift aimed to achieve $250,000. It achieved nearly 10 times that amount ($2,437,430 to be exact).

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If you're like me, how to tighten loose skin effectively is a mystery to most people, and the cosmetic industry is not helping to educate these folks oil press in the correct methods of repairing aging skin. The cosmetic companies are in it for the money, as all businesses are. The problem lies in the fact that the money the cosmetic companies are collecting from their customers is profit garnered while giving nothing in return.

You would do just as well to burn your money as to spend it on the majority of the anti aging skin care formulas being made available to you. These formulas are being developed using ingredients that in them that do not address the core issues that cause you to develop lines, wrinkles, and loose skin. What they generally offer is ingredients that are designed to draw you in, but that are essentially useless to you.

The cosmetic companies have worked diligently over the years to convince consumers that how to tighten loose skin is by allowing collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid to be absorbed into the skin. The only effect that formulas containing these compounds have on your skin is that hyaluronic acid draws water to the skin surface. The influx of water makes the skin appear fuller, and smoother.

The truth be known, collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid are incredibly particle dense, and it is impossible for you to absorb these substances into your skin. Aside from binding water to the skin, the average anti aging skin care formula heavily relies on tricks such as the use of chemical astringents to deceive you into believing that the product is making a difference in your skin. Astringents simply contract your skin tissue, which gives the false impression of smoother skin.

Providing sufficient amounts of antioxidants to help prevent aging oxidative damage to the skin, boosting the production of our own collagen and elastin, and slowing the decomposition of our tissues and hyaluronic acid polymer is how to tighten loose skin. It is possible to accomplish all of these things through the use of a select group of specially developed natural ingredients. This has already been proven by one particular company.

What this company has done is put together an amazing blend of four natural compounds proven to reverse the causes behind wrinkled and sagging skin. The first two ingredients are a mixture of enzyme enhanced zinc and copper protein complexes called Cynergy TK, and a special nano-emulsified form of coenzyme Q10 dubbed Nano-Lippobelle H EQ10. These compounds have proven to have an astounding affect on collagen and elastin production.

The ingredients Phytessence Wakame kelp extract and grape seed oil are also part of the answer to how to tighten loose skin. These compounds possess the ability to manage the destructive behavior exhibited by the collagenase, elastase, and hyaluronidase enzymes, which are what are responsible for the loss of the majority of your tissues and polymer. Higher levels of these substances mean firmer, wrinkle free skin.

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